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Willow Tree Works

Because it does!  

Welcome to Willow Tree Works

Willow Tree Works is  a registered charity (under the name of Willow Tree Garden, charity no. 1142508 ) that has

successfully developed a site for people with disabilities to have a go in the garden. The garden is in its fifth year of development in Belton, and because it has been so successful and oversubscribed, we decided to have a town site in Great Yarmouth. So on 29th May 2015 the site was obtained in St. Peter's Plain, NR30 2LN to develop a town version of the ethos of Willow Tree.                                         


Why we are doing this?

Well in a nutshell, because of our special Naomi. We realised that the opportunities were few and far between after leaving school at 19 years. So we wanted to make a difference and we started with Willow Tree Garden which is a fantastic environment of love, care and compassion and such a special place that we wanted to share it to other areas.   









We have the facility to accept paypal donations for those who have paypal accounts. A very big thank you.


We also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/willowtree2009/


Exciting news...... we have a new urban site.
Please look at